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During the pandemic, we began making videos (all uncropped and uncensored) for the excellently ethical sex site Make Love Not Porn. A few of our photo sets inspired these videos. The images below link to the profile and each video and will open in new windows. What is Make Love Not Porn?

“MakeLoveNotPorn is Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference. If porn is the Hollywood blockbuster movie, MakeLoveNotPorn is the badly-needed documentary. We’re the world’s first user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform, celebrating #realworldsex as a counterpoint to porn, with the aim of socializing sex – making it easier for everyone to talk about, in order to promote good sexual values and good sexual behavior. We’re what social media would be if social media allowed everyone to socially sexually self-identify and self-express (which sadly, they don’t). Social sex reassures, because we celebrate #realworld bodies, #realworld everything – including accidents, awkwardness, messiness. Social sex is funny – because if we can’t laugh at ourselves in bed, when can we?! Social sex is moving, because we celebrate #realworld emotions – love, intimacy, feelings. And our MakeLoveNotPornstars tell us that socially sharing their #realworldsex is as transformative for them and their relationships, as socially sharing everything else has been for the world at large.” source

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