No leap in visual technology came to be without an exploration of its prurient potential.

The days when dirty pictures were made with Polaroid instant cameras and hidden in shoeboxes is mostly a thing of the past. Thanks to the universal proliferation of digital photography, especially in our mobile devices, the sex lives of millions are documented by lovers everywhere. For many the camera has become an everpresent bystander, documenting them as they move through life’s many adventures, for better or worse. Go Camera Go (formerly a Tumblr with thousands of followers and millions of views) is a celebration of the art of photography and its infinite prurient potential. Additionally, this is the shared home of Live Nude Food, another ongoing project of ours, active since 2008.

Live Nude Food is an ongoing photographic series exploring the complicated relationship between humans and the food they eat.  

Food and our biological need to eat can be as psychologically complicated as any other human need – like relationships, sex, and security, to name a few. Food is one of the elements at the very foundation of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and carries over through the whole pyramid from the physiological to safety, love and belonging, personal esteem and self-actualization at the peak. Food is the one element that can be affectively present in on some level throughout the entire pyramid.

Women face enormous pressure to look a certain way out in the world and food can represent both fullfillment and failure in varying circumstances. Live Nude Food attempts abstract explorations of food entering into the upper levels of the heirarchy of human needs.

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