Simply put, Cake expresses the fear of weight gain and no longer being able to fit into one’s clothing. Part of an ongoing series exploring the issue of body image and the complicated relationship between women and the food they eat.
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"Everything I lust to eat ends up sticking to my body anyway, so I may as well skip a step and shove it down my pants."
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Lycopene is a superfood ingredient found in tomatoes that is believed to help prevent heart disease.
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Mise en Place
Everything in its place.
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2009 – 2018
Tumblr is where LiveNudeFood started with our own work and with images found all over the internet contributing to the theme. By the time Tumblr shot itself in the foot by banning images depicting human skin, we had tens of thousands of followers and millions of views. Rather than attempt to define the theme to narrowly, we boiled it down to a blurring of lines between humanity’s two most basic appetites, both inseparable from the bodies we live in. 

This is a photo dump of nearly every image ever posted. Yes, there are some duplicates and tiny file sizes that were just fine ten years ago, but the mosaic is exhiliarating to peruse. All content is owned by their respective original creators. 

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